Pumpkin Preserving Hacks

We’ve all been there. We wait in childlike anticipation all year long for Halloween to roll back around. We harbor hopes of killer costumes, spooky haunted houses, and the perfectly carved jack-o-lantern. Unfortunately, many of us do this without the knowledge of Pumpkin Preserving Hacks.

The perfectly spooky design gets picked out and we sit down for hours carving out our Halloween masterpiece. Its such a magical feeling the fist time you see it light up! If only we al knew about Pumpkin Preserving Hacks. If your anything like me, you may be putting in all this effort only to see your work of art start to mold a few days later. Its the worst feeling ever!

Well pumpkin carver worry no more! Here are the top Pumpkin Preserving Hacks to help you get the most out of your works of art!

Hack #1: Cleanliness

We have all heard that cleanliness is next to godliness! This holds true when it comes to Pumpkin Preserving Hacks. When your pumpkin starts to mold or rot its a direct result of bacteria. Therefore you want to clean the inside of your pumpkin as good as you possibly can to give bacteria less of a breeding ground. This means thoroughly scraping out all the ooey gooey insides!

Hack #2: Bleach

You can use bleach in a few ways to prevent the molding and rotting process.  The first way is to soak the pumpkin upon completion for a 5-6 hours. This will not only rehydrate the pumpkin but also allow the bleach to soak into it. This in turn will prevent bacteria from forming! If you don’t have time to soak your pumpkin for that long; you can also fill a spray bottle with bleach and spray your pumpkin inside and out daily.

Hack #3: WD-40

This hack is for all the men out there because you know they are never without their WD-40! Yes you heard me right! WD-40 is a little known secret hack for preserving your pumpkins! Many people don’t realize this but the main ingredient in WD-40 is mineral oil which will play a key role in keeping the inside of the pumpkin hydrated. I recommend only using this hack for pumpkins that will be outside.

Hack #4: Vaseline

Vaseline is actually my favorite ways to preserve a pumpkin. In my experience; a well Vaseline pumpkin will last for 14 days! I tend to like to combine this hack with the bleach soaking hack. The combination of the two keeps the pumpkin very clean, hydrated, and mold free!

Hack #4: Pumpkin fresh

If the other 4 hacks are just too much work you need not worry! I have a Pumpkin Preserving Hack for you too! Check out this Pumpkin Fresh Spray which can be found HERE. It fights mold, rot and decay and is made out of 100% natural non toxic ingredients.

Hack #5: Coconut oil

This last hack is very similar to the Vaseline and WD-40. The coconut oil is packed with minerals that will also prevent the mold, rotting and decay. All you need to do is rub it on the inside of the pumpkin and your good to go! Coconut oil is naturally cleansing so its deserving of its place on the Pumpkin Preserving Hack list!

We hope you find these Pumpkin Preserving Hacks useful during your Halloween season! Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to stop and check out our Masque Rage Masks on your way out! They are the perfect Halloween party costume! Get your masque rage on! 

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