Non Alcoholic Mardi Gras Punch 

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Non Alcoholic Mardi Gras Punch

So your throwing a kid friendly masquerade party? Great! Check out this Non Alcoholic Mardi Gras Punch recipe. Its perfect for a cheap and easy to prepare beverage to serve at your Mardi Gras party! This beverage is not only beautiful but super tasty as well!

The key to throwing any stellar party is really taking the time to put those nice extra touches on things! A great opportunity to do this is by hacking your ice cubes. What is hacking your ice cubes? It’s a way to enhance the overall presentation of the drink. The Non Alcoholic Mardi Gras Punch does just that! This is a hit with both adults and kids!

I like to make these hacked ice cubes a week before the party. For this recipe is super simple. All you need to do is fill about 4 ice cube trays with cherries and crushed pineapple and then fill with ginger ale about 2/3 of the way.  Make sure you do not fill the ice cube trays to the top because soda expands as it freezes!

Check out the rest of the Non Alcoholic Mardi Gras Punch recipe below:

This punch is delicious and the kids love it! The combination of frozen lemon and lime slices floating in a bath of purple gives this drink that Mardri Gras feel that your aiming for!

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