Men’s Masquerade Mask – Temporary Tattoo

Masquerade Masks for Men

Men’s masquerade masks are more challenging because they need to be easy, fit a wide range of face sizes and shapes, and still be simple to apply. While all of our masks are unisex our most popular style is the “Phantom” pictured above.

The funny thing is when we shot this picture I had several friends testing all of them and Jimmy (above) placed a little bet with another model friend to see who would leave it on the longest. He owns a lot of real estate and spends a fair amount of his time working on his properties in New Orleans.

Unlike his competition, he spent the next few days outside in the heat. By the 3rd day he managed to rub it off with his perspiration and lost the wager for $100. His opponent worked in an office and his tattoo was still intact and he finally removed, wiping it away with baby oil.  Although his professional reputation was in question when meeting with prospective insurance clients wearing a masquerade mask LOL. Not really, if you have ever spent time in New Orleans you know that anything goes there. At any rate, they both had a lot of fun and the tattoo masquerade masks exceedingly past the “sweat test” as a case study for me.

Here are a few more examples of our styles for men’s masquerade masks in action:

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