Tattoos may be applied before or after applying makeup. Finishing powder should only be applied to finished tattoo.


 – Cut around the OUTSIDE of each image close to edges. Detail cut in is NOT necessary.

– INSIDE EYES: cut from the inside corner of each eye.

REMOVE Clear top sheet.


– EYES: start with top or bottom of the tattoo at the inside corner of the eye. For best results, follow the angle of your eyebrow. DO NOT touch eyelashes.

– NOSE: Line up on bridge as desired. The center piece helps pull the two eyes together and balances any mistakes in the application but you may choose not to wear it at all also.

– FOREHEAD: Center and apply as desired.

Thoroughly Wet:

Apply wet cloth to thoroughly saturate paper. You should be able to see when the paper is completely wet.

Gently remove paper. If tattoo is not sticking to skin simply press back paper and dampen more to release the tattoo.

Tattoos may be removed with Baby Oil (any oil) or alcohol.