Beignet Vanilla Bean Coffee Shake 

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New Orleans is known for so many out of this world experiences!  Every year; New Orleans is home to the Beignet Fest where patrons can indulge in all the sweet and savory Beignets they want! Millions of tourists travel to NOLA each year in search of good drinks, good food, and good company. The Beignet Vanilla Bean Coffee Shake was born in NOLA  is a twist between a vanilla bean shake, a coffee, and authentic Beignet. This delicious masterpiece sure to make you feel like your in the heart of NOLA getting your rage on and throwing around some beads!

I always say if you want to have a recipe that really knocks some socks off then you need to use the best of the best when it comes to ingredients. I recommend using Blue Bell Ice cream for this recipe . Their vanilla bean is pure heaven and will really amp up the richness and smoothness of this recipe!  I am also a huge fan of Leopold Bros French Press Style American Coffee Liquor. If you have not tried it you are truly missing out! This brand is perfect for the The Beignet Vanilla Bean Coffee Shake.

I think presentation is key so serve this delicious NOLA treat in a stylish tall glass and have some Beignets on hand to top off your shake with a sweet, light, and flaky edible garnish! There is nothing wrong with showing your NOLA pride by sprinkling some purple, green, and yellow sprinkle’s on top too!

Feel free to take this recipe and make it into your own! Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to check out our Masque Rage Masks on your way out! Get your masque rage on!


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