About Us

Hi, I’m Lisa Lloyd and I am SO excited to share my newest invention with you, Masqué Rage!

Shortly after moving to New Orleans a few years ago I attended my first Mardi Gras and was blown away by the experience. I attended my first Ball as an adult, witnessed parades that threw goodies and enjoyed the spectacle of men and women dressed in costume celebrating the festivities for 3 weeks! I noticed that there were some women with makeup on that looked like masks and thought to myself, there has to be a tattoo that does that.

After my 3rd Mardi Gras, I stopped assuming it had to be out there and went looking for them, to no avail. I thought I must have been missing something because I couldn’t understand why it didn’t exist. There were tattoos for the face, even some that were partly for around the eye, but nothing that mimicked a mask. So, I did what I do best and went to work on inventing one!

After investing in temporary tattoo paper and doing a lot of research and development on mask styles, face structures, and sizes, I landed on a nearly perfect template and filed a patent on it. A short 90 days after making up my mind to look into the tattoos I had my first order for 10,000 tattoos in my office and began selling to local stores, 1 case at a time.

I am especially grateful for my friends, family and those first 25 stores who believed in my new line and in me!

My step-father always said “Do what you love and the money will follow” and I can honestly say I LOVE WHAT I DO, the city I do it in and the person I am allowed to be (myself) while doing it!

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