4 Steps to Flawless Great Gatsby Outfit

4 Steps to Flawless Great Gatsby Outfit

We  are quickly nearing  that special time of the year where your calendar magically fills up with all your favorite Holiday Masquerade Dinners! You may be walking around wondering what outfits you will wear, what look you will go for, what mask to top it all off with. Well wonder no further! We bring to you the 4 Steps to flawless Great Gatsby Outfit!

Every fashionista out there loves a good masquerade dinner party! It’s such a great time to dress up and express yourself! One of our favorite masquerade themes is the Great Gatsby Theme, it really just takes you back to decade of the roaring twenties! This was a time that  marked the beginning of the women’s liberation movement and the boom of  prohibition, illegal gambling and the jazz age!

The Fitzgerald novel The Great Gatsby is a beautiful and lavish love story that took place in New York during this era of the roaring twenties. Women’s liberation took many forms during this time and the social norms that defined what was ladylike were changed forever. Women who were part of this movement of change were highly expressive through fashion and came to be known as flappers!

Follow these 4 Steps to Flawless Great Gatsby Outfit and you will be sure to turn heads all night long with your classic flapper look.

Step 1: Outfit


So before diving into the 4 Steps to Flawless Great Gatsby Outfit  keep in mind that the Great Gatsby story is lavish, beautiful an extravagant! In the twenties restrictive clothing was done away with and the induction of shapeless shift dresses and palazzo pants began. Flappers were commonly seen at night parties wearing brightly colored dresses with  silk stockings and silk underwear.

Another very common look was the  layered lace Nataya dresses in pastel colors. These dresses were worn with what became known as “Flapper style” high heals. These shoes were frequently covered in lace and jewels. We prefer the latter for a Great Gatsby themed holiday party. If you do not already haver the perfect dress in your closet look no further! The  Women’s 1920s Vintage Flapper Fringe Beaded Great Gatsby Party Dress is the classic look and available in over 14 colors and styles. 

Step 2: MAKE UP & MaSK


The masquerade mask is really the center piece of your entire look! The anonymity behind the mask that you wear allows you to become another version of yourself, if only of a night! Its all so magical, mysterious and sexy!  We cannot think of a better mask for the event than the Gatsby Temporary Tattoo Mask,

4 Steps to Flawless Great Gatsby Outfit

The make up during this time was very pale toned with dark eye makeup and bright lipstick. Colors such as teal can be used to make the eyes pop. Eye brows were typically dark, thin, and defined. For a final touch of shimmer you can also add some of the  Masque Rage Gold Glitter Sequins to your hair and face. You can also really go all out with the  Masque Rage Black and Gold Fancy Eyelashes. 

Step 3: The HAIR


During this time of women’s liberation short sleek haircuts  and the bob were the rage! This rebellious style was not previously socially accepted, so once this look took off; it really took off! The Great Gatsby novel eventually hit the silver screen and became known for its impeccable deliverance of the nostalgic beauty!

You simply cannot skip this step if you are looking to pull of the Flawless Great Gatsby Outfit. If you do not have a short sleek hair cut you can easily achieve the look with a wig such as this Short Bob Wigs Black Wig for Women:

Step 4: accessories


You can also add a simple headband to the mix as well. Headbands during this time were almost always a given. We recommend you coordinate your headband with your jewelry and shoes. Explore headbands made out of lace and/or feathers that are comfortable and easy to apply. You can also opt for a more bedazzled version with rhinestone’s.

Top of the look with a few long pearl necklaces with matching earrings to finish the look! You can also order an accessories kits like the 1920s Accessories Flapper Costume 5 in 1 Set which also has 17 different variety options to pick from! 

Thats it! Thats the 4 Steps to Flawless Great Gatsby Outfit! You now know all you need to know to go out there and  party the night away! Don’t forget to stop by our store on your way for everything you need to get your Masque Rage on!

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