Welcome to Masqué Rage!

Hi, I’m Lisa Lloyd and I love feeling beautiful and glamorous, who doesn’t, but I want it as fast easy and cheap as possible. A few years ago I was at my 1st MG and saw some women walking around naked with full body painting. I was especially impressed with their painted on masks. They were so much prettier than the mask I bought but I wasn’t going to pay a makeup artist $100 just to have a mask that I would most likely sweat off in a few hours.  I thought, there has to be temporary tattoos that do that, but when I searched online I the closest thing I could find were small image tattoos or stickers that looked like makeup and costume styles like Day of the Dead.  Nothing sexy or couture. So I went to work designing, making and selling Masqué Rage, the first ever couture designed temporary tattoo masks.

Our line of uniquely designed couture temporary tattoo masks are all 1 size fits all for adults but can be cut to size for smaller faces. Perfect for any masquerade occasion, easy to apply and remove.!  You can even customize them by cutting them into desired styles.  Add glitter, eyelashes, wigs and more to create your very own fashion statement for your event!

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