Couple’s Masquerade Masks – Temporary Tattoo

Couple’s Masquerade Masks For your next masquerade event consider these easy, fast and clean temporary tattoo masquerade masks! Whether you choose to wear the same design or mix it up, these couture temporary tattoo masks are a great fit for the occasion. Masquerade balls, costume events, Mardi Gras are all fun occasions to show off Read More

Men’s Masquerade Mask – Temporary Tattoo

Masquerade Masks for Men Men’s masquerade masks are more challenging because they need to be easy, fit a wide range of face sizes and shapes, and still be simple to apply. While all of our masks are unisex our most popular style is the “Phantom” pictured above. The funny thing is when we shot this Read More

4 Steps to Flawless Great Gatsby Outfit

We  are quickly nearing  that special time of the year where your calendar magically fills up with all your favorite Holiday Masquerade Dinners! You may be walking around wondering what outfits you will wear, what look you will go for, what mask to top it all off with. Well wonder no further! We bring to Read More

Authentic Muffuletta Sandwich

If your super hungry and looking for an authentic taste of Mardi Gras look no further! The Authentic Muffuletta Sandwich packs over 100 years of history and mind blowing flavor inside of a meaty gigantic scicilin sandwich. The Authentic Muffuletta Sandwich originated in New Orleans by Signor Lupo Salvadore back in 1906. He first served it in Read More